re-imagined environments



Our renovations keep your existing pool up to date and ahead of the curve.

Let us re-imagine your environment, as we have in these shining examples:


  • Seamless-Designed Feeling

     The seamless-designed feeling in a renovated pool and a new cabana with a brand new home. 

  • More Space and Usability

     Removing a shallow basin full of stepper pads and sculptures, we provided more space for decking and usable yard. 

  • Existing Elegance Embraced and Enhanced

     We embraced and enhanced the existing elegance and provided a center point, merging two areas in a celebration. 

  • Total Transformation

     The goal was to create a modern, low maintenance environment with plenty of room to entertain. 

  • Fresh, modern look and generous entertaining space

     Featuring a glass-tile-veneered, raised, perimeter overflow water pedestal, and what "appears" to be a floating fire bowl, plus four custom-built, stainless steel scuppers. 

  • An ideal area with visually stunning features

     Our designer indulged the clients by incorporating a "golf-side" bar, and when golf-watching works up an appetite, the built in BBQ keeps everyone right where they are. 

  • Modern Courtyard Remodel

     This client gained a beautiful outdoor environment that would be just as expressive and inviting as their indoor space.  

  • Complete Overhaul

    This dated project was given a complete overhaul that resulted in an elegant transformation.

  • Bit of an Edge

    We re-invent this space and give it a bit of an edge

  • Shared Vision

    The vision for the project came together very quickly.

  • Increase their Outdoor Living

      The owners of this estate property decided to increase their outdoor living by adding on a large living, dining and kitchen area as well as completely gutting and remodeling the pool.   


  • Re-do

     The clients wanted to re-do the backyard to reflect their current lifestyle 

  • Classic Update

     see the subtle, yet transformative changes that come together to update this classic pool 

  • Energized, yet Relaxing

     The desire was to complete the property with a modern backyard that was energized, yet relaxing.